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Contemporary Jewellery

Designed and Made in Ireland

Embark on a Journey through the cosmos with Lyndsay Lawless, an award-winning Jewellery designer whose contemporary Jewellery collections emanate from the heart of County Kerry's Dark Skies reserve in Ireland.

Guided by the wonders of the night sky to capture a celestial rhythm, Lawless Jewellery encapsulates the sublime beauty of the cosmos, weaving myth and legend into epic tales of Sky Gods, inspiring each Jewellery collection.

Lawless Jewellery is a fusion of the Universe's elements and the celestial wonders above, forging a tangible connection to the mysteries of the Universe, where the wearer is invited to adorn themselves with celestially inspired Jewellery as Armor for their own Journey, tempting everyone to be more Lawless.

Lawless Irish Contemporary Jewellery | Armor Jewelery for the Journey
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